IMG_3379Kelly is a tremendous trainer! She is an inspiration to anyone who wants to get fit. Kelly not only creates workouts that shape your body she teaches important nutrition to go along with it. Since working out with Kelly I have gained so much knowledge on certain foods I wouldn’t have even touched a year ago however, after learning their health benefits and ways to eat them (kale, chia seeds, prote…in powder, etc.) they are part of my everyday meal choices. Kelly works with everyone to provide obtainable and realistic goals. In the end she wants all her clients to be happy and healthy and enjoying life. Kelly is the best trainer around as her positive attitude shines at all times. Thank you Kelly for everything you have done for my health and all you will continue to do with motivation, recipes, health information, workouts and support!”  -Michele E.

“I went on the grocery store tour with Kelly and it was awesome! She knew all the answers to my questions and gave me healthy alternatives. Not only was it a learning experience but it was fun! After the tour Kelly and I cooked the food that we bought. She gave me great recipes and shared a lot of helpful tips in the kitchen. The food was not only healthy but it was delicious. She goes above and beyond to really help you, she loves her job and it shows!” – Kara

Fitness You Can Live With is the most supportive space I have ever trained in. Kelly provides the workouts (which are always different, fun, and challenging) in a space where you are encouraged to push yourself and respect your limits. Above all, Kelly promotes body positivity and a healthy mindset. She is an absolute inspiration and I highly recommend her classes!

“Kelly helped me lose 60 lbs in just under a year. This month I’m celebrating that I’ve kept the weight off for an entire year. I’ve never felt stronger or healthier. Thanks Kelly! You  inspire me!” -Shelly T.

“My grocery store tour with Kelly was a great experience! I’m not the biggest fan of grocery shopping but Kelly made me excited to go shopping in the future. My biggest problem is meal ideas for dinner. Kelly provided me with packets of excellent recipe ideas for dinner. While on the tour we picked out the ingredients for veggie enchiladas! She provided me with great tips and showed me what to look for on the food labels. She even helped me pick out healthy alternatives for some of my usual purchases!” -Megan K.

“I’ve been working out with Kelly since February. She does an amazing job. Kelly not only pushes me to work much harder in the gym, she also helps me focus on nutrition, lifestyle and all of the other aspects of being a fitter person. Working out with Kelly isn’t easy, but the effort means I feel so much better the rest of the time. Having Kelly guide my workouts insures that they are worthwhile, widely varied and much more fun than I ever expected out of going to the gym.” –Hilary

“Kelly brings enthusiasm, knowledge, and intensity into every workout. She is well prepared for each session. She not only teaches but also monitors and sometimes even participates in each exercise. With Kelly’s energy and personalized workouts, I went from needing to workout, to wanting to workout.” –Nicole


 “Working with Kelly has been awesome. During each session I see her watching every move I make, not in a critical way but careful observation to be sure I am getting everything I can from each movement. This ensures I am working out safely, and getting the most “bang for my buck” out of my training sessions. When she sees me working hard to do the last few reps, she’ll say, “You can do it! Here, I’ll do them with you!” It really makes a difference when you have someone as knowledgeable and as driven as Kelly…you believe you really CAN do it! Thanks a million, you ROCK as a trainer! I could go on and on…you really DO rock as a trainer and a friend! xoxo” Suzi K. 

“In December of 2013 I had Kelly over to help me with meal prep because lets face it, I am not the best cook in the kitchen. Kelly was able to offer me many meal options via email after asking about what food I liked and what I did not like. From that list we picked a couple of things to make and on top of coming to the store with me to shop, she also told me about reading labels and why certain things were or were not good for me. After shopping she came back and helped me prepare 2 meals and some banana ice cream. During meal prep she offered tips on quicker chopping and explained why we were using certain ingredients, it was very helpful.

I really could not have asked for anything more from Kelly. Her expertise and professionalism on nutrition is obviously a passion that she wants to share. I strongly encourage any of you that are thinking of asking Kelly for help with meal prep to give her a chance, she is great at what she does. She is also willing to work with your needs and answer any questions that you may have. I will definitely use her services again.”  -Lauren

Kelly is beyond amazing to work with! I have several restrictions from previous medical procedures and have tried personal trainers in the past. I spent a lot of money and still ended up injured. When a friend suggested Kelly I was beyond hesitant to try it again. I’m so thankful I met Kelly and took the plunge to try to better my health again. Through health coaching I have learned much about myself and my relationship with food. Through personal training I am much stronger and more confident in what my body can do. Kelly challenges me to push myself while still keeping me in check so I do not get hurt. I do not feel limited or that I have a lot of special needs. Kelly carefully plans my workouts to maximize the effect and keep me safe. I truly leave each session feeling stronger and more capable. I see myself transforming daily not only in the way my body looks, but also how I think about myself, and in the way I relate with food.

“I met up with Kelly last weekend at Kroger for a grocery store tour, what an amazing experience! Kelly’s knowledge of food and nutrition is quite impressive. She spent time talking with me about the typical items on my shopping list and offered healthier alternatives/substitutions. Kelly even showed me where to find all of the new items I was interested in trying, which is half the battle when I’m pressed for time while shopping. I learned a lot about the benefits of coconut oil, organic produce and reading product labels. One rule of thumb I took away was, the fewer the product ingredients, the better. I highly recommend Kelly’s grocery store tour, it was definitely time well spent!” -Wendy


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