Stay strong in November

Can you feel it? Its the calmness before the stampede of the holidays comes in and shakes everyone up for what seems like 2 months straight. Hey it’s gonna be OK STAY STRONG! You got this on lock down! Fitness you can live with has you covered with all kinds of resources and services toContinue reading “Stay strong in November”

Happy sunburn and mosquito bite season

I always wanted to be one of those people that was out in the sunshine for one afternoon and the next day my body would be completely bronzed with an amazing sun tan…instead I go from spotty red, peeling skin, and back to white. It’s just not my skin type and that is ok. There’sContinue reading “Happy sunburn and mosquito bite season”

The SECRETS to living healthy and happy

Seems like you cannot even open your email or do a simple google search anymore without seeing all kinds of click bait like “lose fat fast” “get rid of the bloat” “banish cellulite forever” These rabbit holes we have all gone down are nothing more than money makers selling lies and also you ever thinkContinue reading “The SECRETS to living healthy and happy”

Updates from Fitness you can live with Spring 2019

Hello and happy Spring!! The latest happenings at Fitness You Can Live With UPCOMING EVENTS FITNESS YOU CAN RESTORE WITH next class will be Sunday May 19th at 9am The restore with class is a 50 minute beginner based guided mobility class where we work from your ankles to your neck and help to getContinue reading “Updates from Fitness you can live with Spring 2019”

November has a Motto! Learn it, Say it.

I hear excuses all year about why people are not living in the most healthy way possible and it really starts to heat up in November as we approach the holidays, but let’s make this year different. Let me give you insight to the topย 3 excuses and how to flip them into actions: Excuses =Continue reading “November has a Motto! Learn it, Say it.”

Shout Out to September : 2016

SHOUT OUT TO SEPTEMBER Here we go bouncing right into September already! I know life can get crazy for many of us this time of year. Families with kids in school, new activities, sporting events, etc. but if you have been working this #summer to create some good habits around fitness and nutrition then youContinue reading “Shout Out to September : 2016”

Transformation Tuesday :: Lori

Jumping with 2 feet in! When I met Lori in February of 2016 she was already on her way to getting a handle on her health but she wanted to get stronger and just start getting more into fitness. We started off slow and worked on proper form as well as building some endurance, workingContinue reading “Transformation Tuesday :: Lori”

#flexitfriday process!

Define progress? In my book progress means moving forward. I dedicate my #flexitfriday to progress. I am making strides to move forward and accomplish realistic goals that you have set for yourself. Lifting weights, eating healthy and every so often snapping a selfie to see the progress you have made! It can be very motivatingContinue reading “#flexitfriday process!”

Fitness You Can Live News: August is a Hot One!

Heading into the final month of summer and it has been a HOT one! I know I have gotten outside a ton for fitness this summer, how about you? What things have you enjoyed outside? I have logged a lot of cycling miles, done some outdoor circuit training, outdoor boxing, hiking, and working in theContinue reading “Fitness You Can Live News: August is a Hot One!”

Why is a Badass Cookie Your Best Friend?!

Why Spirulina Is So Badass At Badass Power Cookie, we have created a GMO free, kosher certified, soy free, dairy free protein bar that packs a nutritional punch. The not-so-secret ingredient that makes our vegan protein bars so healthy? Spirulina! What is spirulina? Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae, and it is one ofContinue reading “Why is a Badass Cookie Your Best Friend?!”