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I do not sell diets, pills, potions or weight loss, I believe in health and fitness at every size.  I am an ally to all bodies with a strong focus on body happiness for all. I offer variety of services to help you achieve your health goals. Together we design a program that is the right fit for you. Contact me to set up a free consult and together we will map out a plan that is personal to YOU!

Personal Training

60 minute Private Training Sessions are tailered to suit your personal level. Working with a fitness trainer should always be a very individual experience where you leave feeling empowered about what your body can do. At Fitness You can Live With, you will be set up for success and personal growth both physically and mentally.

Group Training

60 minute Group Training Sessions are tailored to suit everyone’s needs. No matter what fitness level or age,  you are at I will work with you so you can get the most out of your workout.

Class sizes are limited to 8 people per class to allow for that personal experience.

Health Coaching

I do not promote diets, calorie counting or any form of restriction. I do promote intuitive eating, and healing relationships with food and body. Together we will uncover beliefs that derail you from reaching your health goals. You will receive coaching and support to help you on your way to making behavior changes for a healthy lifestyle. You will increase your knowledge about nutrition, body movement, self-care techniques and body through a structured supportive ongoing partnership between you and myself. 

Two 60 minute support sessions and two 30 minute personal training sessions per month

Grocery Store Tour

“The food that you put in your body on a daily basis is one of the most crucial steps in changing the health of your body and mind and if you are confused where to start when you step into a grocery store then this service is for you!” 

Together we go on a shopping tour of your grocery store and unlock the mysteries of the produce department, learn some healthy shopping  tips,  go through some education on why to steer clear of some of the sneaky label claims and ways to save your money and invest in your health. I will answer all of your questions as well as bring along 3-4  recipes for you to try! This is a great way to learn how to save money and time while grocery shopping and get fresh new healthy meal and snack ideas.

3 hour time slot

Grocery Store and Meal Prep Combo

I will meet you at the grocery store you shop at and we will tour the store, take notes on how to avoid sneaky label claims, how to cook certain foods and how to shop for healthy “swap outs” and know what foods are best suited to you and your family’s lifestyle. Then we go back to your kitchen and meal prep a few meals for you for your busy days. I will be in contact with you beforehand to determine what kinds of foods and meals you enjoy and send you some recipes and grocery lists that we can work with.  I will show you tips and tricks in the kitchen to make meal prepping enjoyable and quick, I encourage the whole family to be in on this so everyone can learn together.

4 hour time slot

One on One Training$50.00
Group Training$15.00 Drop In
$70.00 Monthly
Health CoachingAvailable in 3 or 6 month blocks.
Contact me for pricing details.
Grocery Store Tour$150.00
Grocery Store & Meal Prep Combo$175.00
Keep on reaching and pushing towards your best self!
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