breaking up with your scale and tracking other areas of progress

Progression goals that have nothing to do with how much your body weighs How many times have you stepped on a scale and the instant you saw that number your world changed. You could be having the best day ever but now you are clearly doing everything wrong and feel totally lost (hands in the Continue reading “breaking up with your scale and tracking other areas of progress”

Fitness you can live with is so much more than workouts

FITNESS YOU CAN LIVE WITH started out as a personal training business in 2010 as a way to help people move more, move better and make movement a part of their life so that they can “live” and enjoy life. I have evolved so much personally and professionally through these years and come to realizeContinue reading “Fitness you can live with is so much more than workouts”

The SECRETS to living healthy and happy

Seems like you cannot even open your email or do a simple google search anymore without seeing all kinds of click bait like “lose fat fast” “get rid of the bloat” “banish cellulite forever” These rabbit holes we have all gone down are nothing more than money makers selling lies and also you ever thinkContinue reading “The SECRETS to living healthy and happy”

Updates from Fitness you can live with Spring 2019

Hello and happy Spring!! The latest happenings at Fitness You Can Live With UPCOMING EVENTS FITNESS YOU CAN RESTORE WITH next class will be Sunday May 19th at 9am The restore with class is a 50 minute beginner based guided mobility class where we work from your ankles to your neck and help to getContinue reading “Updates from Fitness you can live with Spring 2019”

How to find a good personal trainer for you

Increases in personal training have been on a steady incline the past few years and show no signs of slowing down. We live in a time where information about health and fitness is at our fingertips with: a simple google search a you tube workout video a workout video like P90x or insanity group workoutContinue reading “How to find a good personal trainer for you”


How we talk to and about ourselves can be harmful or it could actually be helpful I am stupid, I am such an idiot,I am so fat, My legs are gross,my stomach is so fat, I look so ugly and fat in that picture,I could never wear that I’m too fat, I am (fill inContinue reading “LIKING YOURSELF IS A VIABLE OPTION”

Fitness you can RESTORE with

FITNESS YOU CAN RESTORE WITH SUNDAY JAN 27TH 8AM-9:30 AM This is a 50 min guided class based around: Mobility connecting with new ranges of motion mobility exercises some stretching mindfulness This is a chance to slow down and give your body the time it needs to restore, refresh and work on those tight orContinue reading “Fitness you can RESTORE with”

Fitness you can Explore with-HIKE/EXPLORE/EAT/STRETCH

NEXT HIKE OUTING IS ON OCTOBER 28TH AT 7:30 AM-10:30AM HALLOWEEN HIKE! HALLOWEEN SNACKS! Fitness you can explore with is a beginner based hiking outing, we typically hike about 4-5 miles. Meet up at Fitness you can live with at 7:30 for some pre hike snacks then we will take off for a hike, comeContinue reading “Fitness you can Explore with-HIKE/EXPLORE/EAT/STRETCH”