Music Brings the Beat, I mean Heat Up!

As we get into those inside cold winter months we still want to keep the kids active (and ourselves of course!) Have you ever thought about how music can have an effect on our physical activity? Whether its a toe tapper or an all out sing it out loud song I think we can allContinue reading “Music Brings the Beat, I mean Heat Up!”

Body Image & Self Esteem

Today I want to focus on Body image and self esteem. This is a topic of concern for kids and adults and I am actually seeing more and more of it with the images that media seems to put out there for both males and females turns into a real pressure to be ‘perfect” orContinue reading “Body Image & Self Esteem”

Teach Your Kids to be Smarter than Advertisements!

There is big business and major money tied into advertising products that make our kids fat and sick. Its not just Saturday morning cartoon commercials, it is in their face all the time. Check out this page from prevention institute and see just how much money is being wasted to make us an even fatterContinue reading “Teach Your Kids to be Smarter than Advertisements!”

Teach your Kids Tuesday: It’s Peanut Better, Jelly Time! Wait! What? Peanut Butter?

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich….who didn’t grow up eating one of those once in awhile? It’s one of those things that are great at any age. Peanut butter or any nut butter for that matter can be such a comforting food and a great addition to so many recipes, not just a kid food.Continue reading “Teach your Kids Tuesday: It’s Peanut Better, Jelly Time! Wait! What? Peanut Butter?”

Teach your Kids Tuesday: Suga Shockers!

Ok, so it has been awhile since a blog post was written but, I feel the need since I was recently trying to tell a client about trying almond milk instead of regular dairy milk. She insisted that she needed the calcium from dairy milk or her bones hurt. Well lets hear this!  There’s moreContinue reading “Teach your Kids Tuesday: Suga Shockers!”

Healthy Lifestyle Gifts for Your Kids This Christmas!

Health Promoting Gifts! Wondering what to get your child that will promote and teach a healthy lifestyle? There are so many wonderful options to chose from these days. Check out these links below on some great gifts that will make you feel good about what they are unwrapping Christmas morning! And remember FitnessContinue reading “Healthy Lifestyle Gifts for Your Kids This Christmas!”

Teach Your Kids Tuesday: Festive Holiday Eating!

Holiday Eating! One of  the greatest things about the holiday season is making and sharing holiday snacks with families and friends. This time of year its work parties for the adults and school parties for the kids.  Instead of making the standard cupcakes for the kids or really unhealthy cookies, think outside the box andContinue reading “Teach Your Kids Tuesday: Festive Holiday Eating!”

Teach your Kids Tuesday: Feeding your Child Athlete!

Feeding Your Child Athlete All kids need to eat balanced meals and have a healthy diet. But should that balance change for kids who play on a sports team or work out? Maybe. Check out the site below and find out! Do you have a child athlete? What feedback do you have about thisContinue reading “Teach your Kids Tuesday: Feeding your Child Athlete!”

Teach your Kids Tuesday: Thanksgiving Edition!

Family Fun: COMMERCIAL BREAK WORK OUT With Thanksgiving coming up this week I thought I would throw a fun challenge out there to keep you and your family moving on the day of the big feast! Instead of just sitting around staring at the Tv during commercial breaks try this commercial break workout and getContinue reading “Teach your Kids Tuesday: Thanksgiving Edition!”

Teach your Kids Tuesday: Setting a Good Example!

Healthy Kids + Healthy Parents = Healthy Life Healthy kids start with Healthy parents.   Kids love to mimic the behaviors of adults, chances are if your child sees you putting forth the effort to exercise,purchase healthy food and make sleeping a priority then they just might follow this type of behavior. Maybe not immediately butContinue reading “Teach your Kids Tuesday: Setting a Good Example!”