breaking up with your scale and tracking other areas of progress

Progression goals that have nothing to do with how much your body weighs How many times have you stepped on a scale and the instant you saw that number your world changed. You could be having the best day ever but now you are clearly doing everything wrong and feel totally lost (hands in the Continue reading “breaking up with your scale and tracking other areas of progress”

Create your vision

It has been a few months in the works and a vision I have had for a long time but I am happy to announce FITNESS YOU CAN ANYWHERE WITH is officially up and running!! Fitness you can anywhere with is an online training platform that allows me to program custom workouts for clients thatContinue reading “Create your vision”

Stay strong in November

Can you feel it? Its the calmness before the stampede of the holidays comes in and shakes everyone up for what seems like 2 months straight. Hey it’s gonna be OK STAY STRONG! You got this on lock down! Fitness you can live with has you covered with all kinds of resources and services toContinue reading “Stay strong in November”

Fitness you can live with is so much more than workouts

FITNESS YOU CAN LIVE WITH started out as a personal training business in 2010 as a way to help people move more, move better and make movement a part of their life so that they can “live” and enjoy life. I have evolved so much personally and professionally through these years and come to realizeContinue reading “Fitness you can live with is so much more than workouts”

Happy sunburn and mosquito bite season

I always wanted to be one of those people that was out in the sunshine for one afternoon and the next day my body would be completely bronzed with an amazing sun tan…instead I go from spotty red, peeling skin, and back to white. It’s just not my skin type and that is ok. There’sContinue reading “Happy sunburn and mosquito bite season”