How we talk to and about ourselves can be harmful or it could actually be helpful

I am stupid, I am such an idiot,I am so fat, My legs are gross,my stomach is so fat, I look so ugly and fat in that picture,I could never wear that I’m too fat, I am (fill in the blank)

sound familiar? Maybe you have heard these comments before, maybe these comments are the language you speak to yourself everyday.

When you say these things about yourself how is it actually serving you?

It is actually not serving you at all, you are NOT your thoughts. I see it everyday working with clients and I have said some of these things to myself at one point. The problem with this kind of thinking is that it completely takes control and it becomes all you focus on and you forget to actually enjoy and live your life. You avoid going swimming because you cant even imagine putting a bathing suit on, so instead of having a possibly great time and creating a memory all you have to remember is how you shamed your body.

The way we talk about ourselves in front of our partner, children, friends, co workers can have a lasting impact. If you are constantly trying a new fad diet or saying how fat and gross you are in front of your children…how can you possibly ever think they will have a fabulous relationship with their own body?


-afraid to speak your truth

-lacks self worth

-seeks external validation

-apologizes constantly

-negative self talks


-honors their truth

-knows their worth

-sets boundaries

-inspires others to shine

-lives unapologetically

-speaks gently to themselves

I am not saying this stuff is easy, it takes a lot of practice and patience especially if this is the way you have been talking to yourself has gone on for years. I am not saying to stand in front of a mirror and talk I love yous all day to yourself I am just saying that liking yourself and things about yourself is actually a viable option to consider…accepting compliments,stop apologizing, know your worth…this is all good shit. Practice being nice to you, you pretty much deserve it.

Published by k3fit

I am a certified personal trainer and certified health coach. I hold a personal training and health coaching certificates from the American Council On Exercise and I hold a kettle bell certificate through the IKFF. I also hold a certificate in nutrition from the health sciences academy. I am very passionate about helping clients reach a healthy lifestyle. I do not offer a "cookie cutter" program. I believe that everyone has unique needs and situations. When you work with me you will get a personalized program to meet your own needs. I offer personal training at my home gym set up. I also work closely with you on your nutrition program to set you up for maximum success that will last a lifetime.


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