Why do we say UMMMMMM……so much?!

Recently I was asked to do an interview with all business mediaFM (www.allbusinessmediafm.com)  Click on link  at the bottom  to listen

They were kind enough to reach out to hear about how Fitness you can live with got started and a little bit about my business. Its only a few minutes long and it was a phone interview , so you would think that since I work with humans all day long I wouldn’t be so nervous talking about what I do right? NO wrong

Despite my nervous feelings I think it came out ok even though I literally said zero of the things I had on the notes in front of me. I did find it funny the amount of times I said these key words UMMMM and Like

One of my clients recently said that maybe we say ummm could be due to the fact we hate silence, silence can be uncomfortable for us.   Hmmm something to think about!

The interview gives a quick inside look at what Fitness you can Live with is all about, check it out!



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