#flexitfriday process!

Define progress? In my book progress means moving forward. I dedicate my #flexitfriday to progress. I am making strides to move forward and accomplish realistic goals that you have set for yourself. Lifting weights, eating healthy and every so often snapping a selfie to see the progress you have made!

It can be very motivating to take progress pictures of your body changes because if you are only looking at one thing such as a scale it can be very confusing and de-motivating depending on your goals.

This is one of the reasons I always suggest taking body measurements, paying attention to how clothes fit, take pictures, journal your workout progress.

I was just comparing some of my progress form last year at this time:

For the past year I have been focusing more on building strength as well as working on my main 3 big lifts being deadlift,bench press and back squat. With that I have focused on consuming more food to help fuel those bigger lifts and to give me the strength to progress in them. With that has come weight gain which is what I wanted, some of that is lean muscle and some of that is fat.

Deadlift-150lb then to 215lb now

Bench press –ย 90lb then to 115lb now

Back squat – 140lb then to 200lb now

Iโ€™m pretty happy with these but of course never satisfied, I know I have a long way to go on these lifts before I am maxed out so I will keep pushing for my goals on those. Pullups is one area that I have also made a commitment to, so 5 days a week I do some sort of pullup. I suggest you try it out because it is a hard move for everyone and you will never do it unless you practice practice!

Published by k3fit

I am a certified personal trainer and certified health coach. I hold a personal training and health coaching certificates from the American Council On Exercise and I hold a kettle bell certificate through the IKFF. I also hold a certificate in nutrition from the health sciences academy. I am very passionate about helping clients reach a healthy lifestyle. I do not offer a "cookie cutter" program. I believe that everyone has unique needs and situations. When you work with me you will get a personalized program to meet your own needs. I offer personal training at my home gym set up. I also work closely with you on your nutrition program to set you up for maximum success that will last a lifetime.

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