Jumping in July

Summer is in full swing! July News at FYCLW


Vacations are happening, parties are popping, lazy lake days and boating afternoons are in full effect.

While these things are all a ton of fun it can throw our eating and workout scheduled off quite a bit if we are not careful with a plan set in place. Having a plan in place for your eating and workouts when you take off for your summer activities will allow you to enjoy them stress free.
Parties can be really tricky because theres going to be tons of food there to make you feel and look like garbage so don’t just settle and say “well I had to eat it because it was the only thing there.” No! It’s your body and YOU make the choices of what you eat so bring some backup food or eat before the party and maybe bring a snack like a packet of Vega All-in-One protein powder that you can just shake in a bottle and get protein, greens, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics all in one convenient form! (visit the gym to purchase some today!).


Sweet Potato Burger
mexicanmeatlessThe same strategy can be used for lake or boating days, prep plenty of food for the day. Dont skip lunch and start grazing on chex mix and beers all day and inhale a pizza for dinner. It’s not gonna end well I promise. Bring fresh raw fruits, vegetables, homemade dips, salsas, bean mixes, wraps, sandwiches.  There are was to keep it easy but healthy. Check on my Pinterest page under Summertime Eating for more ideas.
I wanted to highlight a few places that you can stock up on local fresh produce this summer in our area. I really enjoy hitting the Brighton and the Howell farmers markets. The best months are July, August and September to get great produce and other fun foodie items. Simply Fresh Market in Brighton offers a lot of locally grown amd produced items as well. Their new location they are building is going to have a fresh pressed juice bar and prepared foods. They also offer produce and meal bundles which is a great way to try new things. The Livingston Organic Co Op is a place I visit several times per week. They do a great job of working with local farms and companies that offer organic produce, meat and dairy. You will find some great things here! They have some unique hard to find items and they often run special deals. They also offer special discount pricing on bulk items so if you buy cases of things it’s well worth it. Natural View Market in downtown Brighton is a must visit! Whether its supplement’s, natural beauty care or your favorite organic non GMO snacks they have you covered! Plus their staff is very educated on all things relating to health and wellness and will steer you in the right direction of products that you might need. As if all that was not enough they make some amazing smoothies at their smoothie bar! So if your out and about and you find yourself hungry/#hangry make sure you pop in for a handcrafted smoothie from their extensive menu of options and maybe add a wheatgrass shot too!

So now that you are geared up and ready to tackle the rest of Summer sticking with your healthy and fitness goals tell me about the ways you will prepare and plan different in the summer? When you head to parties, the lake and on vacations. I would love to hear your strategies or see some pictures of your healthy summer food hauls! Sharing is caring!

If you need more assistance on gathering your goals never hesitate to call! I am here to help!

Published by k3fit

I am a certified personal trainer and certified health coach. I hold a personal training and health coaching certificates from the American Council On Exercise and I hold a kettle bell certificate through the IKFF. I also hold a certificate in nutrition from the health sciences academy. I am very passionate about helping clients reach a healthy lifestyle. I do not offer a "cookie cutter" program. I believe that everyone has unique needs and situations. When you work with me you will get a personalized program to meet your own needs. I offer personal training at my home gym set up. I also work closely with you on your nutrition program to set you up for maximum success that will last a lifetime.

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