Friday Focus : Manna Organics

If you are not familiar with MANNA Organic Products let me take a minute to share some highlights for you! They offer some really tasty and super nutritious products! You’re going to want to try one of each! Manna is all vegan, organic certified, kosher products. Their company is family owned and operated in Lisle, Illinois.

MANNA creates some of the most incredible nutbutters I have ever had, with flavors like chocolate pecan, toasted coconut cashew, cashew cacao cookie butter and sriracha cashew butter just to name a few.

Dark Chocolate Pecan
The nutbutters are all vegan made from organic tree nuts, no added palm oil, made in a peanut free facility and the ones with almonds contain sprouted and dehydrated almonds to increase digestibility.

Manna also makes their own unique organic kale chips called kale crispies, the cafe mocha are my favorite!! Other ones include say cheese, curry bliss,honey mustard, margherita pizza.


Another great item is the manna sprouted breads, sprouting breaks down gluten strands making them easier to digest. Their breads contain no added sugar, oil, yeast or flour.
Flavors include banana walnut hemp, millet rice, cinnamon date, carrot raisin, multigrain and several more!


Check out their website to see a few other bread options as well as special deals and more information about the products and company!
I have the pleasure of doing in-store demos for the company and I really really love the products and with so many awful cheaply made nutbutters and breads out in the grocery store its truly wonderful that products like this exist! Visit your local Whole Foods, Plum Market or the store locator on the website to try some today, you will LOVE!! And you may even see me when you’re shopping!


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