Spring Break ’16 :: April at Fitness You Can Live With

April happenings!
Spring is coming right?!
In Michigan we have a mix of spring and winter right now but I have faith in hot days ahead!
Spring break just ended, many people headed out of town and many more have upcoming trips as the weather gets warmer.
Keeping up with your workout schedule on vacation is a topic I wanted to revisit because it brings up a few insights I have had recently.
I always get the question- why do you workout on vacation? It’s supposed to be your vacation. Well these are the top 5 reasons:
1. I have a routine and I feel at my best when I stay close to that routine.
2. Working out is an escape for me, it’s my time! That hour or so away is my time and we all need ME time, as much as I love the people I vacation with, I still need to do me.
3. Its fun to check out gyms, parks and new workout scenery away from home.
4. I have goals and if I want to reach my goals I should probably stay consistent.
5. I actually gain energy for the day if I move my body.

Which brings me to my four rockstar Fitness You Can Live With clients who just came back from their vacation and they all worked out during their time away from home! I am proud of them and their consistency! Great work, loud shout out to  Corrine, Tammy, Michele and John. They shared some of the cool things they did for fitness and I was really pumped to hear it about it. Working out was something that is important enough to them to do away from home. They see value in it which, is something that I think is overlooked quite often.

All of the people I mentioned above grown tremendously in the area of fitness since I have been working with them, not only physically but mentally. They all have consistency in common and they are all pretty great people that I am fortunate to be connected with.
They didn’t just do their normal routines on vacation either, they got out of their comfort zones and did things like creating workout circuits at home, going to gym group classes that might have been really intimidating, did some different workout videos, chose not to hop on the eliptical at the gym but instead go over and grab some weights and do a full body lifting workout.
The point is, just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean everything in your life has to be on vacation too. Working out does not have to be a chore whether you are at home or away from home. Find the value in moving your body and lifting heavy things.

What do you do for fitness on vacation?

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