February has a Focus :: Newsletter ’16

loveyourheartFebruary’s focus is on all things for the #heart and it only makes sense since it is National Heart Awareness Month and Valentines Day also falls within February.

I cannot think of another muscle in our body that works as hard as the heart. Think about it, it never gets a rest! Sadly a lot of people do not take care of their hearts and they take this powerful muscle for granted year after year and a lot of the time it catches up.

Take the facts straight from the doctor:

Here are the facts. Coronary artery disease is the leading killer of men and women in Western civilization. In the United States alone, more than half a million people die of it every single year. Three times that number suffers known heart attacks. And approximately three million more have “silent” heart attacks, experiencing minimal symptoms and having no idea, until well after the damage is done, that they are in mortal danger. In the course of a lifetime, one out of every two American men and one out of every three American women will have some form of the disease.

The cost of this epidemic is enormous—greater, by far, than that of any other disease. The United States spends more than $250 billion a year on heart disease. That’s about the same amount the nation spent on the first two and half years of its military venture in Iraq, and fully twice as much as the federal government allocates annually for all research and development—including R&D for defense and national security.

But here is the truly shocking statistic: nearly all of that money is devoted to treating symptoms. It pays for cardiac drugs, for clot-dissolving medications, and for costly mechanical techniques that bypass clogged arteries or widen them with balloons, tiny rotating knives, lasers, and stents. All of these approaches carry significant risk of serious complications, including death. And even if they are successful, they provide only temporary relief from the symptoms. They do nothing at all to cure the underlying disease or to prevent its development in other potential victims.”

-Caldwell Esselystyn Jr. MD

I love my heart and I love my food! So you know I will be sharing a lot of healthy heart recipes so you can give your heart some LOVE!

Another good thing you can do for your heart is to #getmoving! Workout at least 30 minutes three or more times a week. Don’t over think this area, just find something you like and set aside a scheduled time to do it. Treat it like an appointment you would not cancel, I know you hate cancelling appointments, so don’t cancel on yourself! #staystrong

Weight training is a great way to work your heart, muscles and bones all at the same time, it’s a winner all the way around! You don’t even need to have a lot of weights or equipment at home; you can do so many challenging exercises with your bodyweight alone. If you do not know how to get going on an effective program never hesitate to contact Fitness You Can Live With with to guide you along. You will be amazed at all the options you have that you’ll be able to whip out in a short amount of time, in a small space and with little or no equipment! I always post workouts on my Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook for your viewing pleasure as well.

Heart with dumbbells

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