If They Can Do It, You Can Too :: The Professional Athletes Take

If They Can Do It, You Can Too :: Aaron Martens

For those who don’t know Aaron Martens. He is the Enigma Pro and Bassmaster Elite Angler. He is one of the top anglers in the sport of professional bass fishing winning many titles all while making time on the road for his health and fitness and yes, his family

Aaron has dreamed of fishing for a living since he was a kid and now is living that reality with some of the best in the world. He grew up in California fishing with his mom and has grown to evolve with the sport making him one of the best on the planet. In fact, many of his fellow competitors say he is on a totally different level when it comes to fishing.

Being at the Elite level that Aaron is at requires him to spend most of his year traveling from tournament to tournament. He probably spends about 8 months of the year on the road, which can be rough when you are married with 2 young kids. It can also be hard to stay physically and mentally at peak condition.

Photo by : Lesley Martens

Aaron has taken up running in the past few years, running is something he can pretty much always do even when he’s on tour. He runs about 6-7 hours per week, his wife also enjoys running and they have done some 5k races together. He has even done a few half and full marathons, Many times during a tournament he has been known to do pushups on the boat as well as stretching because of all the standing. These professional anglers are on the boat all day long, as long as 12-13 hour days, . He says he probably gets in about 1,000 pushups per week and also really enjoys doing pullups when he has access to that type of equipment. Aaron believes that fitness definitely gives him an edge when it comes to fishing, he doesn’t get as worn down, feels great, has strengthened his core and it has helped him shed about 20 pounds of body fat since he started.

Aaron is a believer in finding the fitness program that works best for you and easing your way into it! Do research on it and take it slow. When he first started running he didn’t go out for all that long or far, but gradually built up his fitness level. Do something you enjoy doing and it won’t feel like a chore.

His fitness certainly helps him keep up with his kids who are very active and involved in baseball, soccer and lacrosse. As a family the Martens, enjoy getting outside hiking and biking and for those rainy days tag inside the house is always a fun time!

Photo by : Michele Eichstead

When Aaron is on the road he is very proactive in making sure his nutrition is the best it can be so when he gets into a town he likes to seek out a good health store; some grocery stores or Target provide options so he can stock up on things like organic fruit, raw nuts like brazil nuts, almonds and chia seeds. He also loves blended drinks with lots of greens and protein. He is a constant grazer throughout the day and focuses on whole food snacks as a way to keep him mentally sharp and keep his energy up!

One thing about the Enigma pro is he doesn’t take pills instead he chooses to use whole foods as his vitamins! At home the family eats many whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds as well as organic ground turkey, chicken and fish to keep healthy and on track!

It is no wonder that Aaron is a 3-time Angler of the Year and a top finisher on the BASS Elite Tour! He is taking the time to take care of himself to make sure he is at his best. I think we could all learn a thing or two from Aaron.

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Photo by: Michele Eichstead





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