If They Can Do It, You Can Too :: Family Style


Meet the Krayer Family 

For many people working out and leading a healthy lifestyle is a serious major challenge for themselves let alone their entire family but not for this family! Today my lifestyle story is about one of my very favorite families that I have had the pleasure to work with, the Krayer’s. This family of 4 gets it done when it comes to health and wellness; they all lead a busy life but make time for what’s important to them and what they enjoy.

I started working with Michele, mom of the Krayer pack about 2 years ago in a group workout setting at a nearby school where she is a full time teacher. I could tell right away she valued health and fitness and was an avid runner but had never lifted many weights. She was pretty hooked to the kind of workouts that we were doing and she started to get some pretty great looking muscles in the process! Michele trains with Fitness You Can Live With 2-3 times a week and I now work with her husband John, 1-2 times a week as well. Dad also plays hockey most of the year on an adult men’s league.

They have 2 boys, Trevor the oldest is a student at the University of Michigan and Jack their youngest, competes in every sport you can image. Trevor has always been active so when Michele asked if she could bring him to workout, I encouraged it! I think it was a perfect fit because they have a fun time and challenge each other. Pushing their limits in competitive yet friendly way, which really makes it fun for me! Now remember Jack is in every single sport, hockey, gymnastics, basketball, track, skiing, soccer and more. This kid is an athlete all the way and has many medals from the Special Olympics to prove it!

You may have run into one or even the whole Krayer family on a Saturday morning at FYCLW’s power boxing session! Jack, Trevor, both mom and dad really enjoy being active and have a blast getting in that early morning workout. The whole family amazes me because both parents work full time, demanding jobs and yet they manage to not only get their workouts in, but also get their kids active as well! They go on family skiing trips and they even workout on vacation, which of course I love!

I have written them a few custom workouts for when they go to Florida to visit family. They have taken some pictures and gotten those family members involved as well!

They treat working out not as a chore but something they want to do to invest in when it comes to their current and future health. None of us are getting any younger but we certainly can control a few things. It’s like I always say…”you might as well give it your best shot and make sure you are in the best shape you can be because it makes get older easy.”

The Krayer’s have also gotten busy in the kitchen whipping up green smoothies and post workout shakes. They have had some fun trying out some new blends and they always keep it creative! Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and more!

In the winter they do a lot of crockpot meals and casseroles. John works from home so he and Michele do a great job communicating about meal planning healthy choices for their family. John frequently gets things started during the day and he has been known to have a smoothie waiting at home for Michele after she gets back from a workout! #whataguy I would say he is well trained!

I LOVE working with families like the Krayer’s who soak in the information that I pass along as they really put it into action. I look forward to continuing to work with them and watch them get even stronger! This family is truly in inspiration!

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