December- The one month of the year where shit can spin out pretty quickly if you don’t keep yourself in check. I get it, we have The big C word on the 25th of the month and somehow this one day seems to run the month. Shopping, parties, cookie making get togethers, vacations, cleaning, cooking, etc.

This December I want to encourage you to not forget about yourself this month when it comes to your health. Make that time to eat right to fuel your body and make that time to devote to your workouts.

Your future self in January will thank you when everyone else is “starting over” why go through all that mental torture,body shaming ritual that so many people do when the calendar reads January 1st?

Get ahead of it and stay ahead of it.   People often get sick right after the holidays as well because they are so busy going and going usually without much sleep or real nutrition, they do not take the time to take care of themselves and their immune system is low, now they are down for a week or more trying to get better. I have the most cancellations in January and February due to this

This December instead of SURVIVING the month of December I would love to see you THRIVE in the month of December. It all starts with you!

-It is OK to not say yes to every single event you are invited to. You have to sometimes decide whats more important going home after a long day of work and making a nourishing meal for yourself or going to a social event you will probably eat garbage food at, get home late and then wake up tired and foggy the next day.

– its OK to workout for 20-30 minutes if that’s all the time you have then you need to know that is very possible to get a kick ass workout in that amount of time. Check my Pinterest page for several workouts you can do right at home or even better schedule a 30 min session with me. I am also avail to write up custom workouts for YOU that can be any length of time you want and that way you can just look at it and do it anytime!

– This is a great time to make ahead meals and freeze them for the month so on those busy days and evenings you have something good to eat. Soups,casseroles, etc. Get on the Fitness You Can Live page for hundreds of ideas.

-Its OK to say no to food that does not fit your lifestyle or your goals. It’s not about being rude its about taking care of yourself. I bring my own food to many events or have backup healthy snacks. Never put yourself in a situation where you are unprepared and you are forced to eat something you don’t want to. Don’t let people guilt shame you into eating crappy food just because they are making bad choices doesn’t mean you have to. Most times people do that so they can feel OK with the crap they are shoveling into their bodies. Sorry but its my body so I’m a big girl that can make my own choices!

-Its OK to have a cocktail or two and indulge in some not so healthy food during the holidays but try not to make it the center point of the whole thing because it should really be about spending good times and creating memories with those we care about. Another thing especially with alcoholic drinks is that your guard comes down and bad decisions like eating a whole pizza or zoning out and eating a whole bag of Doritos, yes it happens. Just observe this at the next party you are at its pretty fascinating!

And don’t forget I am here to help! You can still maintain during the Holiday season. I will still be productive in mine! Gift cards are available for your loved ones you’d love to see join you as well! Contact me for more details!

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