Fueling Your Machine!

howdoyoupushyourself15I wanted to share a glimpse into my workout life and what I use to fuel my body as well as my mind. Below I will take you through my pre workout, post workout, daily habits and how I stay motivated to keep going strong!

Pre workout- During this time I am focused on getting in some clean foods into my body. I frequently make something I call a “macaccino” where I throw these things in a blender 1-2 pitted dates,1 TBSP maca powder ,cinnamon, ice and sometimes cold brew coffee or cashew milk. It blends into a nice cold drink. The maca is great to replenish the adrenals and the dates are quick source of natural sugar.

Sometimes I take a pre workout powder such as VEGA pre workout and sometimes I blend a mix of watermelon,mint,lime. I really want to get some carbohydrates in for energy and I prefer to get them from fruit.

During my workout – I typically do my workouts in my home gym and I put my TV on one of my favorite fitness YouTube peeps to keep me going!  I really enjoy learning from like minded people. I also like pushing myself as hard as I can. I figure if I am going to put in the work I might as well make the most of my time. If I listen to music when I’m working out it’s usually going to be something like Metallica,Tool or Awolnation. Those keep me pumped and energized! During my workout I always have a water bottle mixed with water and branched chain amino acids (BCAAS) to prevent muscle breakdown.

I workout 6 days a week with a rest day on Sunday. I switch up my routine all the time because I like to change it up and never get bored, so I work certain muscle groups on certain days of the week but maybe one week I work on higher volume and more sets and maybe the next week I work on super setting or dropsetting my weights. That’s what I love about weight training, there are no rules, just challenge yourself with heavy weights. Weights are a game changer for the physique, my body didn’t change until I started lifting heavy weights then I started getting the definition that I wanted. Its such an incredible metabolic boost.

Typical workout – I get up and do some high intensity intervals of some sort or do a quick circuit to get my heart rate going to work on my cardio and muscular endurance. I love things like burpees ,pushups ,box jumps ,clean and presses. I will spend maybe 45 min on this and then later in the early evening I like to do my heavy lifting and focus on the muscle groups I am working that day.

IMG_7489HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED—I stay motivated through a few different ways such as seeing the progress I have made, I keep progress photos to visually see how far I have come and that really motivates me to keep going. I always want to be the best version of myself! I am motivated by my personal training clients that work so hard, when they say something like “burpees are not that hard anymore” or “I can now do 10 pushups” I feel like I am right there with them and I get so excited for them. You never know what your potential might be until you break through that mental barrier and push yourself and get uncomfortable, sometimes the process is not pretty but stick with it for the long haul. Change your mind and you will change your body.

Post workout fuel- I want to get food in my system within 30-60 minutes so I am looking for carbohydrates/protein and a little fat. I frequently make protein banana ice cream which involves blending frozen bananas with protein powder and some greens or other fruits. Its completely amazing and totally satisfying after a hard workout. If my workout is in the evening I will just eat dinner which will be something like a big salad with a baked tofu stirfry loaded with tons of vegetables.

Before I go to bed every night I always make a dish of “protein pudding” or chia seed pudding topped with blueberries and almond butter. I try to stay as consistent as possible with my sleep, eating schedule and workouts. I would say consistency is they key that really drives me through my days and weeks.

I share the same philosophy as ETB does when it comes to leading a fitness lifestyle which is that we have so much control of our own lives and while we cannot control every aspect of it we certainly can make decisions day after day that have a cumulative effect on our lives, so that’s why I try to fuel my body with the best that I can and move my body to the best of my ability. Obstacles will always be in the way…life happens…but how you pick up and keep moving forward is what really matters in the end.”  Thanks to ETB for reaching out to me and allowing me the opportunity to help spread the word of health and fitness.

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1 thought on “Fueling Your Machine!

  1. WOW!! Enjoyed reading about your work out life!! You set an unparalleled example of all the aspects of what a’ life long” commitment of working out should involve & what can be achieved with this dedication to our bodies & health! Also, think your pictures are quite motivational..as always you INSPIRE me!!
    Ava ( AKA.. Your “Mom in Motion”)

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