What are we becoming?!


This might sound like a rant because it kinda is, but here goes anyways! Do you ever stop and think about what kind of health crisis we are in? Not only in this country, but now we are spreading our bad habits all over the world in areas that were once known to have healthy people. Humans are so smart yet so foolish in so many ways!
Why are kids getting diabetes? Why are some kids already suffering from high blood pressure? Why year after year is heart disease the number one killer yet I see all the time things to raise money to fight heart disease? Are we making progress or are we just raising awareness to feel better about it all? Yes these are all open ended questions and I certainly do not claim to have all the answers but I can certainly tell you where to start.
STOP DIETING AND START EATING…(REAL FOOD THAT IS). Not a frozen Lean Cuisine or a light and fit yogurt!
We are sitting more than ever in front of a screen whether it be a TV, computer, or phone. We are “dieting” more than ever, it’s at the point where fake food now outnumbers real food at the grocery store. We spend unthinkable amounts of money per year on diet products, gadgets,fads, etc.
I don’t need to throw stats out there on all this stuff, but the numbers are not good.
Take some time to reflect on where you are in your personal health state—- 

Are you a young person who thinks they have all the time in the world to change and pull it together? Time flies and your just getting older every minute.

Are you a middle aged person who talk themselves out of living healthier everyday by saying “Im too busy, I have no time” (What the hell does that mean? No time to give a shit about your body? Wow, you must really hate your body!)
Are you an older person who thinks “Oh well I’m old whats the point?”

Well whoever you are and whatever point you are at it is NEVER too early, NEVER too late and certainly we all have 24hrs in a day.
What will you choose to do with your time? After you retire from that job you are married to, do you want to have the health to enjoy your retirement? Or would you rather spend all your money on prescription drugs and doctors appointments or perhaps lose a limb to diabetes or go to dialysis everyday? Think about it, do you want to be a burden to someone else because you wasted years not caring about your body? I know I don’t!
I wasn’t born drinking green smoothies, eating quinoa and lifting weights but I did my research and I put in the time and effort to care about my body because I want to be able to not only live for a long time but thrive for a long time! I hope this little speech stops you all and makes you think about what your habits are like and make changes to live an long and prosperous life! I want to see you all live, enjoy and be around forever and ever and ever!
End rant.
xoxoxoxo Kelly!

Published by k3fit

I am a certified personal trainer and certified health coach. I hold a personal training and health coaching certificates from the American Council On Exercise and I hold a kettle bell certificate through the IKFF. I also hold a certificate in nutrition from the health sciences academy. I am very passionate about helping clients reach a healthy lifestyle. I do not offer a "cookie cutter" program. I believe that everyone has unique needs and situations. When you work with me you will get a personalized program to meet your own needs. I offer personal training at my home gym set up. I also work closely with you on your nutrition program to set you up for maximum success that will last a lifetime.

One thought on “What are we becoming?!

  1. What are we becoming? Well written article that should make us all realize that we are totally responsible for our health & wellness.. No one else!! If we put good things in our body.. we are more likely to achieve a remarkable quality of life, especially as we get older. .

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