Defeat Diabetes!


Canadian and Finnish researchers reported in the New England Journal of Medicine (1992) that children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes had antibodies for cow’s milk protein. This milk protein mimicked human insulin-producing cells. Researchers learned that when the body’s immune system arose to attack the milk protein in infant’s blood it also attacked the body’s insulin producing cells. When the insulin producing cells are destroyed the result is type 1 diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes – THE LATEST RESEARCH:

Neal. D. Barnard, MD and other researchers reported in the American Journal of Medicine (2005) that animal fats and commonly used cooking oils can block insulin uptake. Dr. Barnard’s research shows that dietary intervention may be more effective than medications in controlling and in some cases reversing type 2 diabetes.

If we now know the likely cause of diabetes, we also know how to prevent it. See the movie “Forks Over Knives” or rent or buy the video to learn more.

If you live in the Ann Arbor area there is a free showing. See attached Defeat Diabetes Classes for May 2015.

Chef John offers classes and personal coaching to help Defeat Diabetes in North America, Brazil and Jamaica.


May 5 Movie “Forks Over Knives” Free class: Learn Latest Research on Diabetes

May 7 How to Defeat Diabetes Fee $20
May 12 What you eat, not amount $20
May 14 New Causes of Diabetes $20

Share with family members or a friend with diabetes
To RSVP for 6-8 PM classes call John 734-635-1598

Location: 340 Depot St (across from Amtrak Station)
Ann Arbor, MI 49104

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