Spring and Summer fit Challenge

As we approach the warmer temperatures and sunny days we have vacations in mind and outdoor activities planned, perhaps some beach time….a bathing suit…oh no a bathing suit!?! Most people cringe at the idea of bathing suit shopping, well what better way to feel good about bathing suit shopping than to invest some time and energy into your own body for your health? Spend your hard earned money on yourself in the form of good food to fuel your body and some workout clothes you can look fly in!

I always say the muscles you build in the winter look mighty good on that body you wear in the Spring and summer! But it is never too late to get yourself going in the right direction. At Fitness You Can Live With I always say that if you fail to prepare then prepare yourself to fail. This holds true all year long for workouts,meals,sleep etc.

When I go on vacation i definitely bring my workout clothes and shoes, I might bring a few resistance bands, an interval timer and my boxing gloves and pads. with these items plus my own body weight I can have some very awesome workouts in no time. I take advantage of my surroundings, I seek out a playground,some hills,dunes,stairs. If you just scope out your surroundings you will be surprised at the many opportunities nature can provide. Boxing pads and gloves take up very little room in a suitcase and it makes for the ideal buddy workout! You can do timed intervals and incorporate all kinds of combinations involving both strength and cardio…and who doesn’t like to hit things??? It makes for a really fun and intense workout. The gear is very easy to come by as well, most sporting goods stores carry the pads and gloves, I order them from Amazon quite often they have a great selection.

IMG_0778 IMG_0779


I think that working out with a buddy is one of my favorite ways to get better with my fitness. My husband and I lift weights together a few times a week and some of my best lifts have been during sessions with him and he has set some personal records lifting with me. We hold each other accountable and have set workout times that we have carved into our schedules. This helps us not make the excuse of “we will do it later” ย and if one of us is feeling a bit off that day the other one is always there to motivate and encourage.

We both like to lift weights and do circuit training as well as do some partner power boxing, we have fun and the time literally flies by!

So my challenge to you is during this Spring and Summer is to ย find a type of workout you simply love to do and makes you feel good, set a schedule that you stick to just like an appointment you would not cancel on, because you are cancelling on yourself literally! (Yes I stick to my workout plan even on vacation) If you like, find a workout buddy. Someone who will be there consistently and not bail, someone who shares the same work ethic that you do…if you want a good effective workout its not a time to chit chat about the latest american idol contestants! DO WORK! Get in and get out is what I always say, push yourself and see what you are capable of you just might surprise yourself.




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