SB: ’15 Tips & Tricks

Spring Break Tips & Tricks 


·        Research the area where your hotel is ahead of time and try to find a natural foods store or a good grocery store where you can grab some snacks to have during the day. I usually just google “health food store” in whatever area I am in and make a stop so I have some go to snack options. Ideally a whole foods, better health market or trader joes would be handy, they are larger chains with some really good options. A grocery store is ALWAYS better than a drive through fast food option. Think fresh whole foods. We always bring a large cooler stocked with snacks and even sometimes full meals and we find a park and just have a tailgate lunch.

·        If you have a mini fridge in the room that’s a huge bonus and you can get some fresh stuff and keep it cold. Or if you are in a place with a kitchen, make some meals and save some money and calories by cooking fresh! I ALWAYS call ahead and ask about a mini fridge, most of the time the staff is more than happy to accommodate.

·        Protein powders can be a really good easy way to get a large amount of protein in a hurry on the go. You can bring the shaker bottle anywhere and just add water or any liquid you like. You can get individual packets or just buy a tub and make some little Ziploc bags with single servings for the road.  Get a good protein that is free of artificial fillers and sweeteners. You get what you pay for with these so do your homework. Not all are created equal! I suggest the Growing Naturals rice or pea protein blends, they are loaded with protein,vitamins,minerals and so easy to mix into water or your choice of beverage on the go.  To receive 20% off your order head to my website and click on the banner!

·        Stay as active as possible, walk everywhere you possibly can. Bring some things that are light to travel with such as boxing gloves and pads, exercise bands, your bike etc.  Even if you take 30 min to do a quick workout this is only like 2% of your day! Get it done in the morning and you have the whole day ahead of you to have fun. I actually really enjoy vacation workouts, it’s a change of scenery and I like to hit a workout before anyone else is up and have some time to myself.

·        Keep alcoholic drinks to a minimum….meaning 1-2 per day. It is vacation but do you really want to drink away all your hard work? You have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Also when you drink alcohol your guard comes down and you make bad food choices way more easily, then you feel horrible the next day, which is never good. Stay hydrated with water, it helps with digestion and chances are if you are eating out at restaurants you are getting more sodium, oils, chemicals etc. than you normally would at home which can cause a lot of bloating and dehydration.

·        RELAX! Vacations don’t come around very often so make sure to take time for yourself and really disconnect from life. Your body and brain need it. When I go on vacation the first 1- 2 hours of the day are “me time” I usually find a workout space and do my workout, get some breakfast and maybe just chill out by myself for awhile and take a walk or explore a new area.

Possible snack ideas to bring on the road!


·        Hard boiled eggs

·        Kale chips, make your own or choose a brand like brads raw kale chips

·        Protein bars, powders (check the labels). Some are good some are bad. If you can find some with greens and other stuff in them that’s awesome.  Try to avoid the ones with artificial junk in them

·         Homemade Nut butter protein balls or bars

·        Roasted edamamme, located in the natural foods section, low in sodium, high in protein. “Sea Point Farms” is the brand.

·        Roasted chickpeas. Drain a can of chickpeas, lay them on a baking sheet and season with anything you like and a little of extra virgin olive oil. Bake 425 degrees 20-25 min until they get brown on the edges. Great as a snack or on salads….i like to put balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, cumin, cayenne, pepper.

·        Homemade trail mixes made with raw nuts and dried fruit

·        Fruits, veggies and hummus or a homemade yogurt dip. There are so many great recipes online, get creative in the kitchen

·        Mini sandwiches or whole grain wraps. Egg salad sandwiches or veggie wraps are excellent and filling

·        Greens powder, I always travel with my amazing grass greens powder so I can quickly add it to my smoothies for some extra nutrition

·        Fresh fruit and vegetables  like apples, oranges, grapes, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. cut them up and put in bags or small containers

·        Individual nut butter packets to put on lightly salted brown rice cakes or a sprouted grain wrap

·        Fruit infused water such a filling your water bottle with strawberries and mint or blueberries and orange slices. Stay hydrated with water not energy drinks!

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