Beet/Quinoa: Clean the Fridge Chili

Clean the Fridge Quinoa Chili! 
*Why is it called clean the fridge? Ever have a ton of veggies about to go bad and you don’t know what to do with them? Well here is your answer! Chili is supper versatile and any veggies that go together could be mixed in! Try it.
Mine goes like this:
1 cup uncooked red or white quinoa
1 bottle of strained tomatoes
1 pepper of any color
1onion of any color
1 jalapeno
1 bag of frozen or fresh cut green beans
1 diced jalapeno
1 diced pkg of precooked baby beets (I like the love beets or Melissa’s brand)
1 diced zucchini
1 juiced lime
1 container of baby spinach or arugula
Spices-chili powder,cumin,paprika,garlic powder,oregano,onion powder,sea salt.
Saute all veggies except the leafy green in a large stockpot, I use vegetable broth or carrot juice to saute my vegetables.
In a separate pot cook the quinoa,when veggies and quinoa are done add them together in stock pot. Add the strained tomatoes, spices, lime juice.
The quinoa will continue to cook and create bulk so if you want a thinner chili add vegetable broth or water, if you want it thicker just leave it.
Serve it up with some diced avocado on top of steamed kale!

Published by k3fit

I am a certified personal trainer and certified health coach. I hold a personal training and health coaching certificates from the American Council On Exercise and I hold a kettle bell certificate through the IKFF. I also hold a certificate in nutrition from the health sciences academy. I am very passionate about helping clients reach a healthy lifestyle. I do not offer a "cookie cutter" program. I believe that everyone has unique needs and situations. When you work with me you will get a personalized program to meet your own needs. I offer personal training at my home gym set up. I also work closely with you on your nutrition program to set you up for maximum success that will last a lifetime.

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