Drum Roll Please….. Jeopardy Answers Reveled!

First of all, great work to everyone who put their noggins to the test this week! Go ahead, check your answers below


There is this one thing we all need. Researchers say 6-8 is a good amount for the average bear. What am I talking about?

Answer: Sleep



What exercise has been part of the November challenge?

Answer: Burpees

*Speaking of…how many have you done today?



What is the one word that I do not like to hear when people want to get their bodies in shape? Fill in this blank: “I want to get more _________”

Answer: toned



Using the acronym C.R.A.P. – what do each of these letters stand for?


C – Carbonated drinks

R – Refined Sugar

A – Artificial Colors and Flavors or Alcohol 

P – Processed Products  


What is a more accurate measure of health? Body fat percentage or how much you weigh?

Answer: body fat percentage

I could totally care less on how much you weigh as long as your body fat is healthy!


Name 3 of the 12 foods I listed last week named “12 Foods Happy People Eat”.

Answer: (3 of these 12): 

Greens, nuts and seeds, blueberries/acai berries, raw cacao, foods high in vitamin B, fermented foods, wild fish, bananas, foods high in vitamin D, complex carbs, maca root and spirulina. 


Stay tuned to Facebook this afternoon to hear the winner of Kelly’s Dinner Giveaway!


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