Natural Detoxing!

This article by sunwarrior sums up my thoughts exactly. Sure you can go to the store and spend 30$ on some magical concoction that will have you going to the bathroom all the time and you think you are “losing weight’ OR you can go the all natural safe fool proof method and load your body with tons of fruits and vegetables and mostly raw plant foods. These contain tons of fiber and are packed with all the essential amino acids,vitamins,minerals that your body just soaks up. These foods regulate your body and bring it back to normal, naturally detoxing you. How many people do you know that suffer from constipation or digestive issues? I know a MANY! Dont buy into all these fads and quick fixes you see at the stores, fresh food always wins over pills and drinks. Those things are temporary and never beneficial in the long run. If you are eating a ton of junk everyday and you switch to eating fresh foods you might feel like crap at first because your body is detoxing but stick with it CONSISTENTLY and your body will naturally respond with an abundance of energy AND HEALTH!



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