The Truth Is…

How many people do you know that have high cholesterol? How many of those people are currently on a medication to control that?
I bet you would need 2 hands to count how many people you personally know that have been diagnosed with this.
The truth is that all plant foods including nuts,seeds etc contain zero cholesterol. ALL animal products no matter how “lean” they are contain cholesterol. Sorry to say but a lean turkey or chicken does not mean less cholesterol. This also includes fish,dairy etc. Β Our bodies actually need a certain amount of cholesterol to function properly but we actually already have it naturally occurring in our bodies made by our liver so there is really no need to add more into our life.
You can actually naturally lower your cholesterol by not paying forΒ  expensive medications with side effects by eating more plant foods and crowding out the amount of animal products you consume.Β  You would be very surprised at how fast it can drop, literally a few weeks and you will see a change.
The bottom line here is to incorporate more fresh plant foods into your life every meal every day if you want to reach your optimum health!
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