Why is Body Fat Percentage Important!



The body fat percentage analyzer is another tool to track fat loss, it tests how much fat mass you have compared to lean muscle tissue. It may be a better judge as to where your weight loss stands than scale weight alone. It tells how much fat you are actually carrying around on your body which is far more important than your scale weight.

A scale gives you a measurement of everything inside your body and that number may fluctuate from day to day or even from morning until night depending on things such as water retention.

It is critical to keep your body fat percentage in the average range for your sex and age group. More body fat puts you at risk for such chronic diseases as diabetes, heart disease and strokes which are all on the rise in our country.

A sedentary lifestyle or unhealthy diet may result in too high of body fat as well as a loss of muscle which is a necessary element for metabolism (so start lifting some weights!) Because your body fat cannot be detected by appearance it is important to monitor body fat level.

Body fat measurement is now considered an important factor in assessing nutritional status and level of general fitness. It is much more meaningful than weight alone, since height-weight charts do not take into account body composition, such as muscle mass.



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