Meal Prep by: B…

Meal Prep by: Brenda

Kelly is not only offers personal training but she also offers meal planning. I utilized her for both the training and the meal planning for at least a month and I saw some really great results. The best results I have seen since starting my journey toward a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Having Kelly create a meal plan for me took most of the thinking out of the “what to have/make” process that goes into food prep. She was able to create meal plans that accommodating my preferences, got me good results (especially paired with an exercise regimen) and helped me understand that nutrition does not have to be hard. Following the meal plans helped show me that when you plan out your meals you are less likely to eat the not so good for you foods. Kelly is very creative when it comes to food and has the ability and knowledge to create meal plans that will fit anybody’s specific needs.

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