Wacky Wednesday: The Power of Cacao!

Unleash the power of the Raw cacao nib!  What the heck are they you ask? Check out the facts on how this particular chocolate can actually benefit your body and how most chocolate on the shelves is highly processed and pretty much useless to you.




Ready to dive into some cocoa desserts? Check out the newest addition to the Fitness You Can Live With Pinterest boards: dessert! Yum!


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1 thought on “Wacky Wednesday: The Power of Cacao!

  1. The Power of Cacoa.. Holy Cacao!! Just yesterday I was talking about Cacoa with a friend of Kelly & Lindsay ( Lauren), & she was showing me a picture of the whole cacao pod & what they look like inside from when they were on a cruise to Mexico or Carribean ( not sure). They had the cool experience to see the real pod & learn about the cacoa beans. And then today I see Kelly had posted article about cacoa with a pic. of the bean plant/pod on the tree! I never knew until yesterday how they grew or what they look like in the “RAW”. Lauren had an amazing pic of what the INSIDE of the pod looks like…slimy & totally unrecognizable that there are some 60 beans in there! it’s all ‘ Cool Beans’ ! Ava

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