Wacky Wednesday: Beets!

Eat Beets and have more sex….now that I have your attention, yes these are known as natures viagra and they also can give your body a few other key benefits, get the low down on Beets! All of the power of this radiant vegetable canΒ help you beat down your day and pound through your workouts.
Here is a beet recipe I made today:
Shredded Beet and orange salad
4 shredded beets (I used an attachment on my food processor for a time saver)
3 diced oranges
balsamic vinegar 1/4 CUP
cardammon or cinnamon 1-2 TSP
black pepper
sesame seeds
crushed pistachios
fresh chives or any herb you like such as thyme or parsely
sea salt to taste
mix it all together and this makes aΒ refreshing side dish or salad topper!
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