Test your Knowledge Thursday: Pasta!

imageThe winner is 100% whole grain pasta.

The average American now consumes on average 20lbs of pasta products per year. This is mostly refined white pasta that people are cramming down at an alarming rate. Let me tell you why white pasta sucks- it goes through a whole process of refining where the outer bran and shell of the grain are stripped leaving you with just the starchy endosperm, so basically all of the good nutrients have been taken away. Then they do what is called “enriching’ where they add back some nutrients but these are only a fraction of what was stripped in the first place. whats the point of this silly excercise?

The bottom line is with white pasta you are not getting much nutrient density for your buck. Its essentialy just a big carbohydrate bomb that isnt giving too much back to you in the form of nutrition.

When you eat 100% whole grain pasta you are getting all 3 layers of wheat kernel, nothing is stripped off, not tampered with, not enriched,not refined. When you go to the store look for products that list 100% whole grain as the 1st ingredient, the same can be said for bread products as well….the same sort of process happens to bread. Most of the pasta and bread on the shelf is pure garbage for your body.

Yes whole grain products are a bit more grainy and chewier than what you might be use to but thats only because you have eaten one way your whole life. Tate buds change, you can definitely adjust and why wouldnt you want to if you knew what you were eating was actually providing your body with something good?

A few other kinds of pasta on the market that have excellent benefits are sprouted grain pastas,brown rice pastas and corn pastas,mung bean and black bean pastas.
Keep in mind with all of these that the serving size is typically about 1 cup which packs around 220 calories, so choose your pasta wisely and enjoy!

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