Teach your Kids Tuesday: Suga Shockers!

Ok, so it has been awhile since a blog post was written but, I feel the need since I was recently trying to tell a client about trying almond milk instead of regular dairy milk. She insisted that she needed the calcium from dairy milk or her bones hurt.

Well lets hear this!  There’s more calcium in almond milk so that ends that debate. Then she says “I  get the skim milk so its less fat.”

But I’m like “yeah they took the fat out and replaced it with sugar chica!”

13 grams of sugar is in a cup of skim milk. Crappy sugar as well not like good banana sugar! Unsweetened almond milk has zero sugar.

Hmmm whats better?

This person is overweight and wants to get rid of belly fat and 2 of the biggest culprits to belly fat hanging around are foods with added sugar and salt soooo it let me to dig into some packaged  convenience foods that people regularly buy and show how much added sugar is in this garbage. Safe to say not a single item on this list enters my home!

Check out this article from Web MD and take the time to teach your kids about the bad sugar that might be larking in their snacks!


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