Teach Your Kids Tuesday: Festive Holiday Eating!

Holiday Eating!
One of  the greatest things about the holiday season is making and sharing holiday snacks with families and friends. This time of year its work parties for the adults and school parties for the kids.  Instead of making the standard cupcakes for the kids or really unhealthy cookies, think outside the box and make some new creations, the best part is if you have grade school age kids they can help out with making the snacks! Then they can brag to all of their classmates that they actual helped out with it and this can take a little stress off of the parent and create some bonding time of accomplishing a task together…then when it is time for your holiday work party you can enlist them again to help make another holiday party treat! These gatherings do not have to revolve around sugar,salt and fat. You have the control to make and bring something that you can feel good about eating.
Check out this article with some fresh ideas from school bites!

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