Teach Your Kids Tuesday. Family Fall Fitness!

Fall Fitness for All!

It is that time of the year again in Michigan where we have some hit or miss days that we can still get outside and get active. We are also in that time of the year where the leaves are falling at a crazy rapid rate everywhere! If your yard looks anything like mine then you have been busy raking and raking leaves!  If you have kids then this is a fantastic opportunity to get them to help out with raking and gathering  leaves  as well!  Make it fun and get the whole family outside, see who can make the most piles of leaves, see who can make the biggest pile of leaves.  Of course jumping in the leaves and burying each other is always good fun! Make a leaf maze and then have races running or crawling through the maze. Pull the kids away from their Ipads, computers, TV and phones for the afternoon and get out there out there to enjoy some crisp fall air while getting some yard work done at the same time! When all the work is done and a sweat has been broke get the family together to make a healthy snack like and apple with almond butter, pumpkin protein pancakes, or a fun fall smoothie! It’s the perfect way to spend a fall afternoon!

kids in the fall

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