Take Care of Yourself Thursday. Let’s Get a Massage!

Benefits of massage

Did you know a massage is for more than just relaxation?
Did you know a massage is for more than just relaxation?

The power of the human touch, I think it is one of those things we can all take for granted kind of like water,  we need both for so many reasons and without them we would be lost!

I had my first massage probably 6 years ago and I had not realized the benefits it would have on my body, but right after it I immediately felt refreshed and relaxed. I now make massage part of my life and incorporate it as much as possible for several reasons. It has helped me greatly in recovering from putting my body through weight training and other types of fitness which is extremely important to me if I want to keep active and keep having productive workouts. It truly is refreshing for the muscles and the mind.

Here are a number of other benefits massage can bring to your life

  • Relieves muscle restriction, tightness, stiffness , and spasms. It helps to maintain muscles in the best possible state of nutrition, flexibility which can help recovery and maximum function.
  • Massage applied to scar tissue can help reduce excessive scar  formations in the soft tissues beneath
  • It can help your cardiovascular system by mechanically assisting blood flow back to the heart.  It has been documented that circulation increases during massage up to 3x more than circulation at rest
  • Massage can help greatly in nerve constriction pain. Through muscle relaxation massage can alleviate the constriction of nerves due to muscle tension. Many people tend to hold stress in their upper body area like the neck and shoulders, massage can improve stress levels which can make you much more happy and productive in your daily tasks.
  • Promotes vital well being! Who doesn’t want that?

I cannot say enough good things about all of the benefits that regular massage session can do for you so try it out and let me know how it goes for you!


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    On the note of Valentine’s day we take time to learn the benefits of massage! Take some time to pamper yourself this week!

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